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GENTLE YOGA with Wendy Wolf

 New classes are starting the second week of February. You can take classes online or in person. New Tuesday and Thursday morning class at 11 AM and Tuesday and Thursday evenings  at 6:30 PM.  All classes are in Mahopac. I combine in person and people online on zoom. 

     Wendy is a movement specialist with almost 40 years of experience. She teaches small gentle yoga classes, and offers private and semi-private sessions.  She also leads workshops focusing on relaxation, gentle movement, meditation, mindfulness, self exploration and reflection.

Wendy makes Yoga accessible to everyone. Her classes are small so everyone can receive attention. 

     You do not have to be flexible, fit or have a slim body.  Her individualized approach helps you modify poses. You are never pushed into doing anything you don't feel safe with.  Wendy believes in gain -- without pain.

In Wendy’s classes and sessions, you will not only stretch, strengthen and improve your balance -- you will also relax your body and your mind.  You will feel calmer, less stressed and refreshed.
Wendy also  sees private clients in Mahopac and is available for home visits. You can contact Wendy at

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