GENTLE YOGA with Wendy Wolf



Because of the Corona virus, my regular  classes are suspended but I am offering classes online. I am offering classes on Thursdays at 11 AM and Tuesdays at 6 PM. I am also offering outdoor classes in Mahopac on weekends. Class size is limited so that people can social distance.   Please let me know if you want information.

Cost for the outdoor class is $15. online class is $10-$12 a class depending on whether you sign up for a series or take single classes. The online classes are an hour and 10 minutes. The outdoor class is An hour and 20 minutes.


This is Pre Covid and hopefully, post Covid:



All classes are held on Williamsburg Drive in Mahopac except for Wednesday evening which is held at Sarah’s House of Health in Mahopac.  

Tuesday morning, Tuesday evening classes are held on Williamsburg Drive, near Somers Commons and Mahopac High. These classes are limited to 7 people.

The Wed evening class is held at a different location which is at Sarah’s house of health in Mahopac, at 900 South Lake Boulevard. Parking is off of Clarke Place. This is at Route 6N and Clark Place, just behind a small shopping center on Route 6N where Anthony’s Deli and Cozy’s barbershop are located.




    Cost for Private Sessions:

Because of the Corona virus, I am offering private sessions both indoors, outdoors and online.

   Prices for private and semi private sessions.

Single Private sessions are $70; Semi private are a total of $80.

A package of 3 privates sessions is $195and 3 semi -private sessions prepaid is $225.

5  private sessions, prepaid is $325;  5 semi private $370.  

Private sessions are held at either my  studio at Williamsburg Drive in Mahopac,  very close to Somers or at Sarahs House of Health in Mahopac. I also am available for home visits.There is an extra charge for home visits.